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Welcome to my website.     I would like to introduce my custom mounting service for the display of fine mineral specimens.    

The purpose of a custom mount is to securely hold specimens at the optimum viewing angle for maximum visual impact.     The process involves making a cast of the mineral using a modern durable molding compound.     This cast provides a perfectly contoured base which cradles the specimen in a very secure and stable manner.     The base is hand trimmed, sanded and painted to be as inconspicuous as possible.    

Attention to detail at every step of the process gives my bases where seen a crisp, clean look reminiscent of the old museum mounts in the Smithsonian and contemporary mounts at the American Museum Of Natural History.  

I originally developed this process to display my own specimens, and am now proud to offer it as an alternative to acrylic bases.


  • Secure, yet fully removable
           No adhesives

  • Small "footprint" on the shelf
           In most cases the base has a smaller footprint than the specimen

  • Non Scratching
           Slide specimen on shelves - will not scratch glass
           Makes arranging easy

  • Inconspicuous
           Attention is on the specimens - Not the bases

  • Inexpensive
           Considering the time required for the hand work and the cost of
            alternative custom mounts, a relative bargain!!!!


  • I need your specimen
           The style, size and shape of a base is determined by the size, contour
          and balance of the specimen
           Hand delivery at most major shows.....Please inquire
           Otherwise the shipper of your choice
           Please contact me before sending specimens

The following photos are from the Mohawk Minerals Exhibit at the 2007 Rochester Symposium.   Click on any photo to enlarge to full screen.

Seven specimens in this photo are custom mounted.   The acrylic base with the Walworth Quarry Flourite (front row, center) is not one of mine, but can be used as a direct comparison with the mounted specimens flanking it.

There are 5 custom mounts in this photo.   The bases for the Bulgarian Galena (center) and the Spruce Claim Pyrite with Quartz (lower right) are almost invisible.

This photo shows 8 custom mounts.   Arranging a display such as this is relatively easy.   Simply place the specimens according to pre made floor plan and add labels.   No propping!!!!!

All 5 of these specimens are custom mounted.   Although the base for the Elk Creek Barite does not show at all.

To see examples of Thumbnails and Miniatures, please go to this page.

You may view other examples of my work by going to the Photo Page.

Gift Certificates are always available