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Today, we discuss- Scats!Scat

In case you haven’t heard about it , there’s a new craze, and that craze is called Scats. It has the same allure that crocs, uggs and other fad clothings have always had, but it does so in a fashionable way. It was said that clothing megastore TJ Maxx was going to buy 100,000 Scats for the holiday… But what are they?

They are a unique mixture of scarf and a hat, melded together in a fashionable way. Talk about brilliance. How does it work. easy silly, you put the hat on your head, and a portion of the back hangs down and it allows you to pull the two ends around forming a scarf. They have multiple models with different fabric, but the most popular is the tightly knitted version. The original founder, Roth Hingham, was actually sewing them himself up until about a year ago, but he wasn’t able to sustain that and keep up with demand…

Every Scat was a different design as well. The most popular we based around local professional sports teams, but he was able to do custom designed scats. Some in tie dye and other patterns sold incredibly too. Read this bit to hear what Roth said about starting Scats:

“I really just thought that the Scat would be a great brand. It’s the most trendy, catchy winter gear you can wear. Madonna had one, so that really helped get the awareness out there. It helps that every single one is so distinguishable, with the 2 hanging mini scarf sides, but we also have a small patch, sewn on the side of every one, so you know it’s legit- It makes it really easy to see who has one. I envision it to have the cool and distinguishing factors that Northface brings to winter fleece, but in winter hat form… I have about 15 of them myself. Im addicted.”

It’s always great to hear from a founder. It was clear in reading the entire interview, that the founder Roth, has extreme passion in growing his brand and making it the biggest winter sports hat out there- it’s just cool.

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