Passo’s FloatPant

Sep - 13 2015 | By

FloatPantHere is another new style, becoming more popular by the minute, it seems. Corporate work attire is the same as it has always been- khakis or nice slacks, dress shirt, tie, suit jacket. Most of the materials are made with a densely cotton blend, feel heavy and uncomfortable on your body for a long time. Well, founder of Passo’s FloatPant was designed to feel like you are doing just that… floating.

What are they? They are just slacks right now, that have to look of being dressy, but are anything but. Their form is held better by the most unique polyester, nylon and spandex blend known to man. But, when we talk about quality, we arent kidding, a pair of these babies will cost you about $100. The beauty about them, is that they cross lines, in terms of who wears them. its no longer the office worker under a strict dress code, that can get away with this style pant. It is almost more ideal, for the roles that fit in between something dressy and more casual.

For example, I used to have a job in a mail center for Time Warner Cable, in El Paso. Yes, it sucked as a job. But one thing that I always hated was having to wear my nice, brand new dockers (they were good at the time), and ruin them in about a month. The job was listed as a internal, corporate job, thinking i would be doing paperwork for the mailroom, in which this wouldn’t be a problem.

If you look at other lightweight pants on the market here– you will see what I mean, that the competition is weak for Floatpant- Floatpant offers stylish value.

Here is another write-up on Ryans abroad blog, about the trend of lightweight underwear– he raves about them…

However, the job required more labor, than I was prepared for. All of my clothes were wrecked from carrying boxes, and sorting dirty mail in buckets on my lap. Even if I had tried, I could go a day without wrecking my brand new dockers. Not only this, but they were heavy, and i got incredibly hot in them, causing me to sweat a lot. I looked like a slob. The excess sweat, also cause the fabric of the pants, to wear down quicker. So, they were naturally tearing and ripping, even if work didn’t do it.

FloatPants knocks out all of these problems. With the flexible blend of fabric that make them, you can yank them every which way, and it will be near impossible to tear them. The reasons is because they actually make them with spider silk! You heard it. The strongest material per area, these pants are near impossible to rip. But not only that, they are incredibly lightweight. One guy who wore them to work for the week, in the initial product testing trials, couldn’t believe how light they actually were:

“I’m not even kidding, for the entire time, I felt as though I was naked. They were so light that I couldn’t feel them on me! I thought you could only pull of material this light with, like, running shoes and crossfit shirts. They are durable and really sharp as well. I go in and my boss doesn’t even notice that I am not wearing typical khakis that are required for my position.”

So there you have, your best all-purpose, but fashionable and business-casual pants of 2015.

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