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Another awesome piece of clothing, that just happens to be I have hear rumblings that the founders of trunk club (yes the super successful style company that just sold to Nordstrom for North of $200 Million- If you don’t know about trunk club check it out. They pick out clothes for you that fit your style and send you a box of designer picked clothes that are your size, every month and you take what you want and they only charge you for that). This new service isn’t too far off that, but is another really cool stylized clothing idea.

It is called Chari-T’s. If you visit their website, you can see all of the information about it, but here is my best crack at it. Every month they release a T-shirt, in which 20% of the profits go to that charity of the month ( the T-shirt designs end up looking like a baseball T-shirt that looks like this one here, but the main torso part of the shirt is well designed with decals, logos and themed to the charity). For example, the most recent charity to take part, was the giraffe fund. The shirt was interestingly designed with giraffe spots and small giraffe cartoon decals that were very well done.

The owner of the business is a great guy as well. Being one of the original founders of trunk club, he has money. He’s started and funded 2 other business- one is an earth conscious water treatment company and believe it or not, the other one is Springfield Luxury Limo. He also loved to help charity, as is evidenced by this most recent Chari-T’s brand. He has worked for TKMaxx, the UK version of TJ Maxx as a finance officer for years, and has lots of connections there to help his cause. Here’s what the owner David Jones has to say about the business:

“I am so excited to start this new business. That’s the beauty about it all- you make what you want in life. The fact that I am even able to create a third business (that I Hope is successful), and contribute to charity, makes me feel extremely fortunate to do so. It is the most rewarding thing in the world for me. I think everyone reaches that point in life, somewhere in their 30’s, where they start thinking about their legacy. They want to help the world in as many ways as they can, whether it be world hunger, thirst, or poverty. It’s a great feeling!”
Humble words from a humble founder- Ive got to say!