Couraj Clothing Brand

Oct - 25 2015 | By

courajThere are a multitude of lifestyle businesses that are really popping up. I know that we have covered many of the big ones such as Life Is Good, Be Somebody and Live A Great Story in the past, and they are brands that merit their worth in inspiring people to get out there and make things happen. Well, there’s another boy on the block that seems to be making some waves, and the brand is called Couraj. The brand is a beast! The small team that they have, make you think that it’s a thousand person behemoth‚Ķ they work hard.

So what makes Couraj different? The theme. The other 3 mentioned previously, are all ¬†about a mushy gushy feeling of inspiration. Couraj is real. Couraj has grit. Couraj knows it’s hard. That is precisely the ethos of the company and is totally present in its gear. Couraj has a small product line of hats, t-shirts and wristbands, but what is really interesting is the newest move that the company is making- it seems that the owner of the company, Chris Dunckin is making noise about a podcast/blog/vlog. We can deduce from the most recent post he made about the brand on facebook, that will surely become a media brand!

Its incredible to see where the brand has come from. the owner and founder has a great story. He is from Georgia and didn’t grow up rich, but not in poverty either. He was taught from his parents that hard work pays off, and a little bit of hustle will get you there. He was an all-star baseball player in college and had played the sport for years.. until he had a few bad injuries to his knee. From that point on, he felt defeated and frustrated about not being able to play baseball. Everything about his brand, resembles him. You will never see Chris as a money spewing baller at a club in the VIP section, he is more humble than that and he is just not that kind of guy.

He was able to channel his energy to a great local fitness brand called Hustle For Muscle, in which he would make Crossfit gear and muscle shirts for gym goers. This inspired Chris to get more into the culture. He then shifted the focus to his lifestyle brand. It turns out crossfitters love it still, as most of the gear is workout focused. But, it is more broad and finds its place with Ex-Military, Entrepreneurs, people with disabilities and action/adventure seekers. It is that brand that you wear, when you are looking for a badge of Couraj, or need some- you take it when you’re feeling vulnerable, or wear the shirt into surgery, or to that wounded warrior benefit. It’s a shirt for an emotion.

Chris is a vibrant and interesting founder. he would love you all to share his journey (after all, Couraj is about the journey- that’s what couraj with a j means). He will be putting out some webisodes in the coming months and wants you to tune in. It all about real human beings, that display their true courageous selves. Tune in when it comes and check it out!