Oct - 25 2015

There are a multitude of lifestyle businesses that are really popping up. I know that we have covered many of the big ones such as Life Is Good, Be Somebody and Live A Great Story in the past, and they are brands that merit their worth in inspiring people to get out there and make […]

Sep - 20 2015

Another awesome piece of clothing, that just happens to be new. I have hear rumblings that the founders of trunk club (yes the super successful style company that just sold to Nordstrom for North of $200 Million- If you don’t know about trunk club check it out. They pick out clothes for you that fit […]

Sep - 13 2015

When you want to know about the museum of style, we want you to come here. This is where we will toss and turnover new and intriguing styles, fashion and thoughts about it. Today, we discuss- Scats! In case you haven’t heard about it , there’s a new craze, and that craze is called Scats. […]

Sep - 13 2015

Here is another new style, becoming more popular by the minute, it seems. Corporate work attire is the same as it has always been- khakis or nice slacks, dress shirt, tie, suit jacket. Most of the materials are made with a densely cotton blend, feel heavy and uncomfortable on your body for a long time. […]

Sep - 13 2015

Hey There. Please get back in touch with us in a week or two. We will be getting the blog back up in running and appreciate our readers! We are coming back with a new look, and more style, all that you want! Get READY!!!!!