How Much Style Are We Talking?

The museum of Style was created for one reason only…To be your source for style and provide you with the trend, that next best thing, before others get to it. Wish you were a trend-setter, look no further! We will have you wearing crocs before they even come out, we will have you in toms pre-sale or that new Northface before it even hits the market. How do we do this? Great question…

We have a unique relationship with vendors. We are allowed to use them for pre-orders that other companies arent- that means we get a limited amount of inventory of their brand new product (most of the time which hasn’t yet hit the shelves yet) and we get to try it out, blog about it, get peoples opinions, and send a limited edition of the style, brand and model to our members. Cool eh?

We will be adding our membership details shortly, so that you may join… Thanks- From The Team of Style