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I decided to add this page, to stress that this blog is opinion. Here is our opinion on fashion…

What else do we think about today’s style? Well, let’s delve into what style actually is…

Isn’t it really weird that people tend to think about fashion in different ways? Why does it even exist? Shouldn’t it be that we all just see the same fashion as good- for example, why does a pair of really nice jeans look great to someone, then to another, it looks silly, drab or unprofessional.  Why does a denim (form of cotton) covering for your legs that’s blue seem less professional than thinner cotton, black leg coverings?

It really is confusing, as we humans as creatures are weird. So, how do fashion trends emerge today? There are a few factors. One is publicity. You might be able to have the coolest, most functional or stylish pair of shows in existence- but nobody will know about them at all, simply because of obscurity. This is why we hear of so many large retail companies relentlessly trying to get athletes, musicians and movie stars to wear their clothing. A few nice shots of a famous person wearing their clothing can make or break a brand. Ever heard of the shark tank effect? Mark Cuban describes people that go on shark tank just to promote their idea without the need for investment- these people are simply just trolls trying to get people to see their idea on the prime-time scale with millions of viewers. He goes on to say that many of these companies actually make it and get other investments outside of the show…Just because they “got seen”. I was able to build my company Lavish Limousine Providence, simply because a millionaire in the Rhode Island Area saw my drive, passion and love of cars, and he wanted to work with me! Imagine that! It’s all about being seen, and avoiding obscurity!


Victoria Beckham sporting Dior

Starter_dolphins-jacketAnother major point, in why fashion is really fashion, has to do with something a bit more difficult. Clothing is a need as well and is widely accepted by society. It is the only and main reason of why we even have fashion in the first place- it is because we have to have them. Even though nudism seems to be a recent trend and it’s taking hold with hippies in remote areas, 99% of the population wears clothing. So, it is something everyone NEEDS based on our psychological design. So, there is a need for clothing across the board, forever. But, how do we determine the latest in trend, before it’s a trend?

It also goes back to the designers. The designers are the brilliant minds behind the industry who make things with a design eye and mass produce this stuff that we wear. Often times, it is simple additions to something that we already wear, that become the hit. The sweatshirt morphed to become the hoodie.  In the 90’s we cut the tops off of our baseball caps to become visors. Boy bands were flipping them upside down and wearing them with their spiky hair like Abercrombie and Fitch models. Remember starter jackets when they were an awesome thing to wear and not by homeless Wal-Mart bums?

It really is weird how psychological we think about our clothing and how much the world around us impacts our opinion on what we wear. If other are wearing the same thing, so too will we. After All, birds of a feather tend to flock together.